FormAssembly + Supermums CPD Program Participant Guide

Sep 14, 2021 | Partner Content

Welcome, Supermums CPD Program friends! We’re so excited to have you learn more about FormAssembly, all things data collection, and web form building. It’s easy to learn more about our platform—in fact, we invite you to complete our comprehensive certification program, FormAssembly Academy, to become an expert in our platform. 

Why FormAssembly Academy?

You may be asking, “How will FormAssembly Academy benefit me, and what will I get out of it?” Our certification program will cover the basics of data collection to equip you with techniques applicable to your current or desired career in Salesforce. You’ll learn about form building, form processing, Salesforce connectors, payment connectors & integrations, and advance your FormAssembly knowledge. 

We’re huge advocates of supporting others as they become better stewards of data, which is the reason this program exists. Plus, this certification will help you master your skill set and boost your expertise in data collection best practices. You’ll also get to add another well-deserved professional credential to your resume/CV! 

How to Get Certified

To read more about our partnership with Supermums’ CPD Programme, check out this blog!

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