For those of you on the Enterprise Plan, remember those neat features we demoed at Dreamforce? They’re here! We’ve got several updates to make our Enterprise edition even more of a powerhouse.

Since there’s a lot to show you, this is just the first post in a series. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ll cover:

A Big Change

  • The totally new Connector tab.

    We want to give you a heads-up: it’s different than what you’re used to, and you might need some time to adjust. But it’s much, much more flexible.

New Features

  • Form authentication — two ways.

    To get to your forms, respondents will log in with (1) Salesforce or (2) an LDAP or Active Directory. That means you’ll only get authorized contacts.

  • Form prefilling — two ways.

    Fresh data pulled right from your Salesforce org or your LDAP Directory, automatically and securely.

  • Run connectors when your respondents save their form.

    Manage and send data even if the form’s incomplete.

  • Run multiple configurations of the same connector.

    More integrations, more power.

  • Collect credit card payments through Authorize.Net and CyberSource.

    Connect your form with these payment gateways.

Coming up next: What’s new with the Connector tab, and what great stuff you can do with your connectors. Check back for more!

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