[Quiz] Are You Ready for the Datapocalypse?

Nov 19, 2019 | Resources

The datapocalypse is here. Do you have what it takes to survive it? In this blog, you’ll learn about the datapocalypse and how FormAssembly can help you prepare. Take our quiz to find out how ready you are to comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations.

About the datapocalypse

All over the world, new data privacy laws and regulations are continually developing and evolving. Data privacy and security are more vital now than ever, with massive fines and loss of customer trust being some of the consequences for companies that ignore these trends. In order to survive the datapocalypse, it’s important to do plenty of extra prep work to make sure your organization and your customers stay secure, safe, and compliant.

How prepared are you?

How do you store your data? Do you have a data security policy? Do you use compliant vendors? While regulations vary somewhat from industry to industry and from place to place, it’s important to be prepared for anything that might come your way. In this quiz, you’ll answer key questions that will help gauge your chance of surviving the datapocalypse. At the end of the quiz, we’ll provide a summary of your results, as well as some tips to help you improve and areas that may be lacking.


How FormAssembly can help

While surviving the datapocalypse may seem overwhelming, selecting the right data collection platform can simplify the process. By choosing vendors that meet the highest standards for data privacy, you can ensure compliance for your own organization and make sure your data is safe every step of the way.

FormAssembly’s advanced data collection and web form platform helps organizations of all kinds as they navigate strict data privacy and compliance requirements. We provide helpful data privacy resources for our customers, and our data collection platform is compliant with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA on our Compliance Cloud plan, and several other crucial data privacy regulations.

Want more details on how to survive the datapocalypse at your organization? Read up on the 2019 data privacy landscape in our whitepaper, The State of Data Privacy in 2019, or give our Compliance Cloud plan a try today.

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