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Below are the building blocks for our brand. While this page is here to get you started, all uses need to be approved by FormAssembly.
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The FormAssembly Logo

Using the FormAssembly Logo


We want to make sure we uphold the integrity of our logo. Keeping proper spacing between our logo and other content is one way to do this. Surrounding content must be at least the width/height of the “A’s” cross bar in FormAssembly away.

Minimum Space


To keep legibility for our logo, please use these guidelines to prevent printing or displaying the logo.

As a general rule, the counter in the “A” (white space inside the letter) should be clearly seen when viewed at 100%



Do not attempt to modify or change any aspect of the logo. Here are some examples of what not to do.

  • Change the kerning of the letters.
  • Use any colors other than the colors provided.
  • Choose a different typeface for “FormAssembly”
  • Add visual effects like a drop shadow
  • Change or replace the word “FormAssembly” in any way
  • Distort the Logo
  • Use the Logo in a phrase or sentence
  • Stack or rearrange “FormAssembly”
  • Use an outdated logo

Images and Backgrounds

Be sure that the background that the logo is resting on does not conflict with the logo or make it hard to read. Colors used on the background should fall under FormAssembly’s color palette. Using the white version of the logo is generally the safe option when the background is anything but white or light gray. Applying an overlay color to an image will also help in giving the color readability. Never use the logo over an image without an overlay or on a color that makes the logo illegible.


Need an asset not provided here?

Contact us and submit a request.


You may use the FormAssembly name and logo (“FormAssembly Marks”) for any of the following purposes:
  • To publicize that FormAssembly provides form processing and data collection services for your organization.
  • To promote your consulting partnership with FormAssembly.
  • To promote your application’s integration with FormAssembly.
  • To promote FormAssembly’s sponsorship of your event.

Any other use of the FormAssembly Marks is forbidden without prior, written approval from FormAssembly Inc.

By using any FormAssembly Marks, you agree as follows:
  • We grant you permission to use the FormAssembly Marks on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis. Our permission is revokable at any time at our discretion.
  • You won’t imply any relationship with FormAssembly other than the one that actually exists.
  • You will not display, copy, modify, or transmit the FormAssembly Marks in any way except as described in this Agreement or otherwise agreed to in writing by FormAssembly Inc.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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