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Secure Online Form Builder

FormAssembly provides secure data collection for all industries, including healthcare, financial services, government, and more.

Peace of mind that sensitive data stays secure.

Responsive support & onboarding

Compliance Cloud plans kick off with an Implementation Program that includes security and privacy training. On an ongoing basis, Compliance Cloud users can expect a 1-hour initial response time for customer support requests 24/5, with options for email and chat communication.

Increased security and privacy

Our HIPAA-compliant Compliance Cloud plan allows healthcare organizations to do away with convoluted processes when collecting protected health information. Compliance Cloud is also GLBA- and NYDFS-compliant, making it the ideal data collection platform for financial services. This plan offers increased security and privacy controls to protect sensitive data from unintended access. All FormAssembly plans are compliant with GDPR, FERPA, and PCI DSS Level 1, and all plans include encryption at rest.

Powerful integrations

FormAssembly’s HIPAA-compliant and secure online form builder integrates with Salesforce, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayPal, Drupal, and more. As an added benefit, Compliance Cloud accounts include connections to three Salesforce production orgs (with additional available for $500 per org per year) and unlimited connections to Salesforce sandboxes and developer orgs.

Admin control

Make sure the right eyes are on your data. Our Compliance Cloud plan is perfect for large teams, or for teams that collect large amounts of data. With administrative oversight, you’ll be able to manage forms, templates, data, and multiple users, while maintaining the highest standard of data privacy and security.

What our customers are saying

Being able to tie the form to multiple Salesforce standard and custom objects, being able to do prefills — those were very useful features. We were also impressed with how easy it was to create and update forms.

Becca Allen
Salesforce Developer and Administrator

Data Governance and Data Collection Best Practices

FormAssembly is more than a form creation tool. It’s a robust data collection solution that can play an essential role in your data governance program and mesh with your security and compliance processes.

All Compliance Cloud Features

Add multiple users to your FormAssembly account and streamline processes with SSO.

Maintain more customized control over your forms, users, templates, and more with a FormAssembly Enterprise or Compliance Cloud account. The Admin Dashboard includes all controls available to Enterprise administrators, from the ability to view and edit all forms, manage predefined content, add new users, and change form owners. Read more about the Admin Dashboard here or in the Admin Guide, which is available in the FormAssembly app.

FormAssembly’s PDF generation feature allows users to generate PDFs on demand from the responses page, attach PDFs to internal response notifications, and send PDF copies of responses to Salesforce.

Compliance Cloud users receive priority for customer support requests. Expect a one-hour initial response time for customer support requests 24/5, with options for email and chat communications

Collect and store PHI with the Compliance Cloud, our HIPAA-compliant offering for healthcare organizations. We're regularly audited by two leading cybersecurity firms and we offer enhanced security controls in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The rigorous third-party testing and other measures we went through to prove compliance speaks to our continued dedication to putting security and privacy first. Available only on the Compliance Cloud plan.

Our recently updated Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature allows users to build forms with drop-down menus that pull options directly from Salesforce picklists or lookup results. Configurable in the Form Builder, this feature includes live lookup, multi-field mapping, and controllable sort order. This feature also works with Save & Resume and the ability to edit and resubmit a response. Available in Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans.

Talk to our sales team about a custom contract.

Craft Web-to-Anything forms with FormAssembly’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration. Users can use FormAssembly to look up, create and update ExactTarget data extensions and subscribers. Available with the Premier Plan and above.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Compliant. We've certified our compliance with the new EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework. Our Enterprise Cloud solution can also operate in EU-based data centers, to facilitate compliance with data residency requirements.

Create post-submission scripts that send users to another location based on something they entered in your form.

All forms you build with FormAssembly meet W3C standards; so you don't have to worry about it.

Connect to multiple email marketing services and more with our HTTP connector: MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier, Gotowebinar, Pardot & Capsule CRM.

Collect payments for donations, event registration and more with our payment connectors. All plans have access to the following abilities:

  • Collect payments with Stripe
  • Collect payments with PayPal
  • Collect payments and send invoices with FreshBooks Classic
  • Collect payments with Chargent
  • Collect iATS Payments
Premier plans and above also have access to the CyberSource & connectors.

Embed your FormAssembly forms into WordPress sites with our WordPress plugin and a quick and easy shortcode.

Speed up form building with 100+ template options for multiple use cases and verticals in our Template Library.

Streamline your data processes even further with the ability to send data automatically to Google Spreadsheets and publish on Google Sites.

Send customized email notifications to specific people when a user fills out your forms and choose what information is included in the notification. Also, reply to respondents instantly using auto-responders that you can customize with a unique message.

Get more information in each response with form attachments in the form of resumes, screenshots, documents and more. Attachments can be as large as 20MB.

Seamlessly embed forms on your own website by copying HTML, publishing with an iFrame or publishing API, or using our WordPress plugin.

Simple and intuitive form building for technical and non-technical people alike. Easily create forms, and use advanced features like our Salesforce Prefill and Submit Connectors to prefill forms and send data to Salesforce in minutes.

Produce Section 508-compliant forms with no extra work. FormAssembly forms on all plans can be accessed with assistive technology, allowing anyone to use your web forms. See Compliance Statement and VPA Template.

Our HTTPS connector allows you and your team to connect to any tool with an open API connection.

We have servers available in multiple countries, allowing us to meet customer needs for the location of their data storage and collection.
(HIPAA Compliance, U.S. only.)

Allow only authenticated users of either LDAP, SAML, or CAS to access your forms with respondent authentication options that allow you to authenticate users and prefill forms. For Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans.

Compliance Cloud includes increased security and privacy controls for the most sensitive data. Once identified, sensitive data is redacted by default to avoid accidental exposure through insecure emails or downloaded reports.

Enable Salesforce Experience Cloud authentication on your forms so that only authenticated users can access the web form. Use in conjunction with the Salesforce Prefill Connector and prefill the form with the authenticated user's information to speed up form-filling. Available with the Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans.

Search for information across all of your form reports.
As an admin, restore deleted responses for your FormAssembly forms. Available with the Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans.

Start off on the right foot with a welcome call where a FormAssembly support professional will go over account fundamentals and give you a chance to ask any questions you have about FormAssembly.

We do not claim any ownership on your data, and we'll never share or sell your data to any third party. Our privacy policies are certified for compliance and transparency.

FormAssembly is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified. This means all users can rest assured that sensitive credit card data is being handled in a safe, compliant manner.

An Appexchange Partner with more than 2,500 Salesforce customers. FormAssembly offers an unmatched deeply entrenched Salesforce integration. Our Prefill Connector (available on Premier and up plans) and Submit Connectors, enable users to create Web-to-Anything forms with Salesforce that can look up, create, and update standard and custom Salesforce objects.

Gain more insights from your aggregate data with charts and reports.

Feel secure in our availability and commitment to excellent service. See real-time status updates here.

All plans are compliant with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

The Salesforce Prefill Connector, a step up from prefilling through a URL, allows you to retrieve data stored in your Salesforce instance and prefill it into your FormAssembly forms.

Data submitted through FormAssembly forms goes through an encrypted connection. We use TLS 1.2, which is the industry standard.

Get friendly form support when you need it through a variety of different avenues, including email, our support form, real-time in-app chat, and our ever-expanding documentation.

Leverage and organize your data according to your company policies with the ability to export data to Excel, Access, and XML.

Collect information in 30+ languages and multiple character sets, such as kanji, Western Latin, Cyrillic, and more. Further localize forms with error and confirmation messages in the correct language.

Create as many forms as you want and collect unlimited responses on any plan.

Customize forms even further than our templates and theme editor allow with custom HTML, CSS, or Javascript.

Use our mobile app for iOS devices (Android app in development) to access your forms and collect data with or without an internet connection. Sync data to your account when you regain internet access.

FormAssembly is GDPR compliant, and by selecting us as your Data Processor, you will fulfill the obligations of the GDPR, Article 28, that require you to work with a Data Processor that implements appropriate technical and organizational measures and ensures the rights of the data subject are protected.

FormAssembly's custom URL feature allows you to create unique, branded alternative URLs for your forms to share with respondents.

During onboarding, a Customer Success Manager ensures that the customer is set up properly, including single-sign-on configuration, and that users are briefed about security best practices.

Our Compliance Cloud plan is compliant with GLBA and other financial regulations, such as the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation. This makes it a secure way for applicable institutions, including financial services companies and higher education entities that deal with student loans, to collect and manage data.

FormAssembly enters into a Service Level Agreement with each Compliance Cloud plan.

Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers have the option of purchasing a custom domain for their forms for an additional $200 per instance. For more information or to purchase your domain, contact [email protected]

Admins can configure additional connectors on each form so that data is exchanged with multiple Salesforce orgs simultaneously.

Note: Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans include integration with three Salesforce orgs. Additional orgs can be added for $500/year. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

Add an akismet spam filter into the processing step of your forms for greater spam protection. The filter will scan responses for spam and, depending on your configuration, either delete the questionable response or allow the respondent to fix issues. Only available on Enterprise and Compliance Cloud plans.

Additional levels of security for your most sensitive data.

Enable E-Signature capabilities for forms, including contracts, waivers, policies, and more. This provides a way to verify respondents and can be legally binding if used according to the law (per the e-Sign Act). Our E-Signature feature is also FDA Title 21 compliant if LDAP/CAS/SAML is enabled on the form.

With the Autosuggest feature, form users only need to start typing an answer to see a list of suggested choices from a CSV you've uploaded (works with lists of up to 200,000 items).

Streamline your processes by setting up workflows with multiple forms.

Quickly and easily style your FormAssembly forms without leaving the Form Builder.

In addition to daily backups and daily monitoring on our infrastructure, we use a reputable and reliable hosting provider and state-of-the-art datacenters.

Automate your form’s availability by setting a date range you’d like it be available or a response quota. Customize the unavailable message that appears when your form is no longer available.

Accomplish even more with onboarding assistance, group training and other implementation services. Learn more here.

Protect against spam with Google’s reCAPTCHA and original CAPTCHA, tests that ensure your form respondents are real people and not bots.

Let users fill out a portion of a form then save a response to complete it at a later time by setting a username and password. See partial responses in your account and send reminders, manage usernames and passwords for saved forms, or complete forms yourself.

Clean up data before it’s submitted with input validation that allows you to require data to be in a specific format, such as an email address, a numeral, or a custom format that you create. You can also set a maximum amount of characters or words for a response.

Use multiple field types and form options:

  • Drop-down lists, long/short answer, Likert scales, etc.
  • Calculated fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Multiple pages
  • Hints
  • Response preview
  • Repeatable fields

Customize forms by extending your organization’s logo and unique branding to form headers and footers as well as the browser tab icon.

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