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FormAssembly is an enterprise web form creation and data collection platform. Our advanced Salesforce integration, drag-and-drop capabilities, sensitive data protection, and many more features allow you to streamline business processes and collect responses with ease. If you need to contact FormAssembly for any reason, we welcome you to submit your comment, question, or concern using the form below. 

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  • App / Instance is down
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Business Impact Examples:
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Business Impact Examples:
    • Occasional responses are not being processed
    • Enterprise related issues (user configuration, admin dashboard questions, etc.)

    Business Impact Examples:
    • Configuration questions for the form builder, connectors, formulas, and form settings.
    • Help with troubleshooting integration errors, like from Salesforce, Stripe, and other connectors. 

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    Our team is dedicated to your success. We’ll do our best to help you get the most out of FormAssembly by answering your questions, giving you tips and suggestions, and advocating for your needs. 

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    To learn more about our support hours and response times, please click here. While we invite you to contact FormAssembly any time you need to, our comprehensive Knowledge Base may be a great first stop for common questions relating to form building, integrations, and other complex features.


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