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FormAssembly is a very high-utility solution for us because it’s plug-and-play. It would take us a significant amount of dev effort to build internally in Amazon, and we’d also spend a good amount of bandwidth maintaining that tool. With FormAssembly, you can just log in to Salesforce and create whatever forms you need.

Abhinav Singh Kakran
Manager, Program Management

To me the role that FormAssembly plays is a communications link between us and non-Salesforce users that want to bring customers to the Briefing Center. It opens up opportunities to drive more business for Lenovo. The use of FormAssembly has created a communication link we did not have otherwise.

Steve McKinney
Senior Executive Briefing Consultant

FormAssembly allows us to think continuously about new services that we can offer. It allows cascading new opportunities for innovation. I want to take every opportunity to say it: I love FormAssembly so much and we are so appreciative to all that the FormAssembly team has put together because it is such an amazing tool.

Billy Daly
Systems Design Manager

Being able to tie the form to multiple Salesforce standard and custom objects, being able to do prefills — those were very useful features. We were also impressed with how easy it was to create and update forms.

Becca Allen
Salesforce Developer and Administrator

FormAssembly really takes the Salesforce integration to a new level. Repeatable sections, repeatable fields, AND being able to prefill — that’s a powerful set of tools that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
Matthew Souther
Information Systems Manager
FormAssembly gave me the point-and-click interface I needed to create payable invoices with whatever fields I wanted, and it allowed me to feed key information, like the Authorize.Net transaction number for each invoice, back into Salesforce. FormAssembly solved a big need for us, and it delivered much, much more beyond.

Kelly Strauch
Business Analyst

FormAssembly is a top-tier platform that's easy to scale, cost-effective for clients, and doesn't involve a developer to maintain. Couple all of that with some of the best support and internal team I've ever seen and you'll never need to look anywhere else!

Jeff Kimble
Lead Salesforce Architect

With FormAssembly, security is clearly defined and protected, specifically with the data we’re collecting and storing. And it doesn’t require us to spend hours turning around a form. We can do it all very easily and with confidence.

Adam Smeets
Director of University Information Systems

I love the usability of creating a form, and I really love how you can make it connect however you want. I love that there’s an ‘anything possible’ element to FormAssembly.

Megan Nestor
Associate Director of Programs

Secure and fully customizable.

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