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Creating Web Forms

What kind of forms can I create?

Any kind of custom web form; the options are virtually unlimited. For instance, you can build survey questionnaires with complex branching logic, multi-page data entry forms, client feedback forms, simple contact forms, web order forms, online registration forms, and more.

What kinds of forms can I not create?

Forms asking for login credentials, with sensitive fields not marked as sensitive, or Social Security, Passport, or Bank Account Numbers will be automatically disabled for manual review.  You will need to contact us and go through a review process to ensure that the use of the form is legitimate and appropriate. Learn more about our moderation practices.

Can I collect credit card information?

Yes, but the form fields that collect credit card information (credit card number and CVV code) must have the Sensitive Data settings enabled, and you must use an approved payment connector, such as PayPal or Stripe. Note: Cardholder data is not stored on our servers.

It’s easy to add payment fields to your forms with Predefined Content.

Do I need to know HTML or programming to use FormAssembly?

Not at all. Our online form builder is designed to be easily accessible to anyone, regardless of your technical skill set. You can create and publish HTML web forms without any coding knowledge.

Is there a limit to the length of one form?

Technically, yes, but you’ll probably never reach it. Users have created forms that contain hundreds of fields without any problems. Also, FormAssembly allows you to create unlimited forms and collect unlimited responses.

Can I embed the form on my site?

Yes, you can easily embed forms to your website by pasting the provided HTML code, or by using one of our other advanced publishing methods.

I don’t have a website. Can I still create a form with the online form builder and receive the responses via email?

Yes, we’ll host the form for you. The web address will look like this: (where12345 is a unique identifier for your form).

Data Processing

Where is the submitted data stored?

Your data is safely stored in AWS-hosted datacenters. You can export it at any time, or browse through it using our web interface.

Can I receive the data in my email?

Yes, you can receive a customized email notification each time a response is submitted.

Can the person who submits the form receive a confirmation email?

Yes, we can send a customized email to that person on your behalf.

Can my users submit/upload files with my form?

Yes. The total upload size cannot exceed 35MB per submitted response, and there is a limit of 20 file upload fields per form.

Can I use the online form builder create a form to process payments?

Yes, as long as you use one of our approved payment solutions, such as Stripe, PayPal, or Authorize.Net.

Can I add e-signatures to forms?

Yes, if you’re on Premier, Enterprise Cloud, or Compliance Cloud, people can easily sign forms with the e-signature feature.

Can I use your processing service with my own forms or do I have to use the Form Builder?

Our service is designed to work with forms created with our online Form Builder, but you’re free to further customize the form’s HTML.

Security and Reliability

Who owns the data collected on our behalf? Are you selling it to anyone?

We do not claim any ownership on your data. We act as a facilitator only. We will never share or sell your data to any third party.

Do you comply with the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield framework?

Yes, we’ve certified our compliance with the EU–U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Learn more in our Privacy Policy. Our Enterprise Cloud solution can also operate in EU-based datacenters, to facilitate compliance with data residency requirements.

Do you comply with HIPAA? Are you PCI-certified?

Yes, our Compliance Cloud solution is both HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Learn more about our security and encryption best practices.

Can I get a copy of your latest PCI Compliance Summary?

Yes! You can access that PDF here: PCI Compliance Summary.

Do you have an IRP?

FormAssembly has an established Incident Response policy and procedure based on NIST guidelines that activates upon a Security breach. In the event of an incident, a member of our team will notify you immediately of any unauthorized access to your data.

Do you comply with FERPA?

Yes, all FormAssembly plans are FERPA compliant.

What else are you compliant with?

In addition to the above, we are also compliant with NIST, ISO, and CIS guidelines.

How reliable is your service?

To get real-time and historical data on our uptime, please visit our service status site. For Professional & Premier accounts we’re currently maintaining a 99.99% uptime, and we have a 99.9% SLA for Compliance Cloud accounts.

Do you keep backups?

Yes, backups are done hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, 6-monthly, and yearly. We use a reputable and reliable hosting provider (Amazon Web Services [AWS]) and state-of-the-art datacenters.

What is your retention policy? Is my data deleted when I cancel my account?

Your data will remain available for as long as you have an active account with us. Your data is taken offline once you delete your account, but it may remain stored in backups for up to two years. Customers on Enterprise Cloud and Compliance Cloud may ask for a custom retention policy.

What is an IT security incident and how are they handled?

An IT security incident is considered to be an event that has compromised or is likely to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information belonging to FormAssembly or a FormAssembly customer. Information is considered to be anything that is processed, stored, or transmitted through our systems.

An IT security incident can occur for numerous reasons:

  • A hacker bypassed a security feature to acquire sensitive information
  • An insider threat occurred
  • A security mechanism failed
  • A phishing attempt was successful
  • Too high of role-based access was granted

If you know or suspect that an incident has transpired, please fill out this form and contact [email protected] or [email protected] immediately.


Are your forms compliant with Section 508?

Yes, FormAssembly forms made with our online form builder are designed to be accessible with assistive technology, so anyone can use your web forms. See our Compliance Statement and Voluntary Product Accessibility Template for more details.


What languages do you support?

FormAssembly delivers web forms localized in over 40 languages. This means that the form and any text (such as validation error messages) that may appear while your visitors are filling out the form will be displayed in your native language.

For the complete list of supported languages, visit our localization page.

My language isn’t listed. Can you support it?

Yes, you can help us by providing a translation.

Do you support non-Latin character sets (e.g., Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, kanji)?

Yes, all data is processed and stored in the Unicode format (UTF-8).


Do you provide phone support?

No. We provide free and unlimited chat & email support for questions about our online form builder and other features through our support request system. We do our best to answer as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, without canned answers or runarounds.

We offer 24/5 global tech support, and 24/7 web case submission. Limited chat support is available periodically between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST, based on support request volumes.

You can also search the Knowledge Base for questions not specifically related to your account.

How can I get more help?

If you need expert help with your FormAssembly forms, reach out to our Implementation Services team. We have packages ranging from onboarding assistance to group training to individual form reviews.

Do you have documentation or a Knowledge Base?

Yes, here’s our Knowledge Base.

For quick tips and online form builder tutorials, check the blog. For updates, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What if I want to suggest a new feature or improvement?

We welcome your feedback through our feedback form, accessible on our roadmap page!. We’d love to hear how we can make FormAssembly better for you.

Why can I not access the live chat?

Our chat is supported by our customer success team. Though growing, our team often experiences high quantities of tickets at one time. This causes the chat functionality to temporarily become disabled, allowing our representatives to best serve their active customers. During this time, you can open a support request for prompt, friendly support.

How do I get started with FormAssembly?

Getting started with FormAssembly is simple. First, select and sign up for a plan (with or without Implementation Services and Priority Support). Next, schedule your Welcome Call with a dedicated member of our Customer Success team. After that, you’re ready to start using our online form builder, and we’ve got tons of great resources to help you out. Read about the whole process on our Getting Started page.


How much does FormAssembly cost?

See our plan comparison page.

Can I try this service risk-free?

Yes, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. There’s no contract, and you can cancel your account at any time.

If you’re a Salesforce user, you can also try our free, full-featured test drive.

How will I be billed?

You’ll be charged when you enter your payment information for your plan. Plans are monthly recurring charges. If you pay with a credit card, the charge will appear as “Veer West LLC” on your bank statements.

Can I submit a purchase order or pay by invoice?

For the Professional and Premier Plans: We can only accept payment with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

For Enterprise Cloud and Compliance Cloud: We accept purchase orders and we can invoice you for an annual subscription.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time. Just login to your account, click My Account ➜ Plan ➜ Cancel your account. You won’t be charged again once your account is canceled.

Can I get an invoice for the charge?

Paid invoices are available for your account once your credit card has been charged. Log in to your account and click My Account ➜ Plan. The invoices will be listed near the bottom of the page.

Do you have special discounts for nonprofits?

We’re happy to offer a nonprofit discount on annual plans.


Who needs the Compliance Cloud?

The Compliance Cloud is for organizations with stricter security and compliance requirements, and organizations that need a data collection solution compliant with the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Compliance Cloud is FormAssembly's most secure and compliant option.

The Compliance Cloud allows healthcare organizations to collect and store Protected Health Information (PHI). Common uses include medical research data collection, clinical trial applications, and intake forms, all of which can be created with our online form builder.

What types of data does the Compliance Cloud allow me to collect?

Compliance Cloud is designed to meet the most stringent security and privacy requirements, and can be used to collect your most sensitive data. It is particularly well suited for Protected Health Information (PHI), under the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and any other Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that requires a similar level of compliance.

To determine if our Compliance Cloud is right for your organization, contact us..

What does the Compliance Cloud cost?

Please reach out to us for pricing information.

What is the difference between Enterprise Cloud and Compliance Cloud?

Our Compliance Cloud offers organizations with greater security and compliance needs access to stricter privacy and security controls. The Compliance Cloud features a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA), state-of-the-art encryption practices (both at rest and in transit), Business Associate Agreements (BAA) for organizations requiring HIPAA compliance, and more.

For more information based on your organization’s specific needs, please contact us today..


How does the Salesforce integration work?

FormAssembly is a Salesforce Gold ISV Partner with a seamless Salesforce integration and high-rated AppExchange listing, making it easy for you to create Salesforce Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Case, Stay-in-Touch forms, and more. We leverage the Salesforce API and our web form creation and processing technology to make it easy to create and update any record in Salesforce and Salesforce

Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget). For more information, check out our Salesforce + FormAssembly eBook or view our AppExchange listing.

What are the supported Salesforce editions?

We support the Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions of the Salesforce CRM and products. FormAssembly also works with the Nonprofit Starter Pack and all the vertical cloud editions, such as Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud.

Is this secure? Do I need to share my Salesforce or Salesforce Marketing Cloud credentials with you?

Yes, it's secure, and you do not need to share your own Salesforce credentials with us.

We recommend that you create an API-only user, with limited permissions (see our documentation). We'll use these credentials in our API calls with Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget).

We also support Single Sign-On, meaning that you can access our application from your Salesforce account without sharing your password with us.

As a Certified Partner, FormAssembly meets the high standards set by Salesforce in terms of information security and operating policies. The annual certification review includes a thorough audit of our systems to ensure that your data and your API credentials are securely handled. We use a 256-bit encryption mechanism to store your API credentials, and all API transactions are performed over SSL.

What kind of Salesforce objects can I work with? Does it work with custom objects?

We support all the objects, including custom objects, that are available in your Salesforce instance and to which you grant us access.

What kind of ExactTarget data extension or subscriber can I work with? Does it work with custom data extensions?

We also support all Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) data extensions and subscribers available in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance and to which you grant us access.

Can I update existing records in Salesforce or Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Yes, see our documentation for more information.

Can I upload files to Salesforce?

Yep, you can attach files (attachment objects) to most Salesforce objects, including Leads, Cases, Contacts, or Accounts.

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